Energy from Waste (EfW)

There are many innovative technologies emerging in the Advanced Thermal Treatment sector and Dawber Renewables will assist in providing independent advice and assessments of the technology options so that you are fully aware of the potential risks.

These include technology assessment; operating cost validation and project delivery capabilities of the various technology suppliers of:

  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis
  • ​Small-scale conventionsl combustion
  • Level 4 bio-security (SAPO 4) incineration

Developers need to be able to access meaningful and practical advice at the technology selection stage. We bring expertise in gasification and pyrolysis using both steam systems and reciprocating engines and can add value by assessing these options where offered.  Support is available in the following areas:


  • Technical assessments of Advanced (ACTs and ATTs) and Conventional Thermal Treatments options.
  • Support during your due diligence process to ask the right technical questions and provide a thorough assessment of technology options.
  • Validation of Capex, O&M projections and real lifetime cost assessments
  • Technical support during your planning and permitting processes (including representation at meetings).
  • Electricity grid connections
  • PPA negotiations.
  • Contract negotiation with EPC contractors.
  • Lobbying government departments and preparation of responses to industry consultations
  • Services to funders, EPC contractors and technology Suppliers
  • Expert witness services during a dispute process.

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