Landfill Gas (LFG) and Anaerobic Digestion (AD)biogas

As a pioneering leader of an infant UK landfill gas industry, Nick managed the development of 5 landfill gas companies which involved securing contracts, planning consents, environmental permits plus designing, installing, operating and maintaining all aspects of the projects. This included the recruitment and development of the necessary teams and infrastructure to run the businesses in order to minimise support from external sources.

Nick instigated the use of highly mobile equipment, minimising investment in non-moveable assets and established the market for highly successful small scale containerised generating sets and introduced a hire fleet into the UK industry.

Nick developed the design brief for Ener-G’s standardised containerised generating sets (both standard and small scale), which could be adapted for both cold and hot climate use. This included building in many safety features which ultimately reduced operating costs and increased availability.

Using this experience we offer invaluable advice on all aspects of the design, installation and operation of landfill gas systems and project development of power generation facilities, including the operation and maintenance of generation plant.

Services provided


All aspects of landfill gas projects can be supported by Dawber Renewables, including;

  • The assessment of sites
  • The design of gas collection systems and gas pumping systems.
  • Generating-set design.
  • Grid connections.
  • Operation and maintenance of gas systems.
  • Operation and maintenance of the generating sets.
Our services extend to the review and appraisal of contracts with waste companies and power purchase agreements.
In addition to providing support in an advisory capacity we can help identify what additional skills are required in your organisation and provide training to develop your business, including mentoring of key staff both at senior management and technical level. 

Dawber Renewables can draw on many years experience in the operation of reciprocating engines including large-scale slow speed 2-stroke engines and medium speed 4-stroke engines using landfill gas, AD methane, natural gas, diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil. Practical technical advice is available including assessments and fault identification on a variety of reciprocating engines running on various fuels.


With a high level of knowledge of gas engines we can provide valuable independent advice for landfill and AD biogas engines, minimising the cost of your operation and optimising output.

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